Alumni Game Change

The game has been moved from 12:00pm to 1:00pm!



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The Alumni Game this year will be held on Saturday, October 13th at 12:00pm with a cookout to follow!

We hope to see everyone there!

Alumni Spotlight with Lauren O’Malley ’11

Alumni Spotlight with Lauren O’Malley

Why did you first choose to come to umbc?

I had always heard my dad talk about being a student athlete at UMBC growing up. On the way home from the 14& Under NSA World Series in Columbus, Ohio, my dad and I sat next to Coach French on the airplane. That’s when I started to ask more questions. I had always thought I wanted to go far, far away to some warm place for college, but when it came down to it, I really wanted to stay local. UMBC was such a great fit for me both academically and athletically.

What is life like for you after graduation?

Life is a lot less structured. I actually have to make schedule-decisions on my own, it’s kind of funny. I received a job offer from M&T Bank, in August and I accepted. Shortly after that, Larry Williams, who runs the B.A.T.T. Academy in Glen Burnie, MD also offered me a position as the only softball hitting instructor at his facility which until recently, catered only to baseball. I am currently studying under a Certified Personal Trainer to eventually become certified myself to train athletes and am giving hitting lessons as often as I can. I never thought I’d be a banker, and I never thought I would be involved in softball post-college, but I’m happy and excited about the opportunities that have presented themselves to me.

What are your current career endeavors? What are your future goals?

I am really not sure long-term what I will be doing, but there are so many opportunities within M&T Bank and it is a great company to work for. I will be a Certified Personal Trainer within the next couple of months and will begin strength and agility classes for teams pending my certification. I’m anxious to see where life takes me at this point, I do know that I want to do work that could help others, but I’m not exactly sure in what aspect yet.

What do you miss most about being a student-athlete?

I miss my teammates and the student-athlete community the most. I miss the structure and predictability of being a part of a team, and I miss all of the support that we used to get from our coaches and the athletic department. I thought I was so ready to graduate and “grow-up”, but I would do anything to go back!

Do you have any advice for current members of the softball team?

Do not rush college, you’ll miss it so much. Enjoy every single day, it is an honor and a privilege to be where you are, and not to mention, real life stinks! The practices and the workouts might seem difficult but you will regret later on the things that you didn’t do. Enjoy the time you have with one another and your coaches, because it goes by so quickly. Trust me!

What is your favorite memory of Coach French?

Oh, besides all the times he nearly killed us in the vans you mean? Or when he almost killed himself on the tractor and again against Towson when he forgot to eat and his blood sugar got too low? Or when he almost got the door torn off the van in the McDonald’s parking lot? Maybe it was when he almost turned the van into a convertible in the parking garage at Cheesecake Factory? There are way too many, Coach French gave me a reason to laugh every single day. All kidding aside, Coach French really truly cares so much about the person inside all of his athletes, and that is one of the many things unique about him.


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